MSSC Conference 2018

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Ab initio modeling in Solid State Chemistry 2018

Turin, 2nd September 2018 - 7th September 2018

EDISU Piemonte offers the "MSSC 2018 Conference” attendees the opportunity to stay in the EDISU halls of residence from the 1st of September to the 8th September 2018.

Halls of residence in Turin


Reservation will open on 16th of April 2018

Reservetion are closed for depletion of rooms.

For urgent questions write to

Reservations are only possible online.
At the end of the procedure, guests will receive from the the booking office a quote for their stay .

Booking hospitality: LOGIN


Guests will have to pay the accommodation and send back the signed quote and a copy of the payment receipt to
To sum up, guests will have to:

  • pay the total amount via bank transfer
  • sign the received quote
  • send a copy of the signed quote and of the bank payment receipt to

The hall of residence allocation will be communicated at the end of the reservation period to each guest by email.


Participants shall pay the total amount via bank transfer within five working days from the date of reservation (Saturdays and Sundays excluded).
In case of missing payment within 5 days from the date of reservation, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, EDISU will be entitled to cancel the reservation.
Please send your payment to:

  • EDISU Piemonte, via Madama Cristina 83, 10126 Torino
  • Fiscal Code: 97547570016
  • VAT Number 06440290010
  • BANK: UNICREDIT Banca Tesoreria Regionale Agenzia 08622
  • ADDRESS: Via Garibaldi 2, 10121 Torino – Italy
  • IBAN: IT15L0200801033000040788468

Description: “Modellizzazione Ab initio nella Chimica dello Stato Solido 2018 EDISU – ACCOMMODATION name of the guest” (Ex. “Modellizzazione Ab initio nella Chimica dello Stato Solido 2018 EDISU – ACCOMODATION JOHN SMITH").

Note: Bank fees are at the expense of the guest.


With the exception of any unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances, no refund will be given for cancellation or early departure.


Daily rates for all students (accommodation and cleaning of the room on the third day)

  • Single room: € 25,00
  • Double room: € 20,00
  • Triple room: € 20,00

Daily rates for Professors and Senior Scientists (accommodation and cleaning of the room on the third day)

  • Single room: € 27,00
  • Double room: € 25,00
  • Triple room: € 22,00

Rates include toiletries, courtesy kit upon arrival, daily tidying up and mid-stay room cleaning, use of common spaces and services (kitchen, TV room, game room, gym). Residences are also equipped with a coin-operated laundry and ironing room and with coin-operated snack and beverages machines. In the rooms the internet connection with Ethernet cable is free (guests can buy the LAN cable at the reception).

To these rates it should be added the Tourist Tax rate of € 2,30 per person per night for a maximum of per person per night for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights (Regulation by City Council n. 349).
The tax payment must be made in cash at the reception.

Additional services have to be requested directly to the Hall of Residence receptions upon arrival.
Additional services will be paid to the Hall of Residence reception.

Additional services Rates (charges included)

  • Single room cleaning: € 12,50
  • Double bedroom cleaning: € 20,50 -€10,50 per person
  • Apartment with a single bedroom cleaning: € 15,50
  • Apartment with a double bedroom cleaning: € 24,50 – €12,50 per person
  • Additional linen: € 3,00
  • Additional courtesy kit: € 1,50
  • Hire crockery kit:  € 30,00 (which would be returned cleaned by the the guest)
  • LAN cable: € 2,00

Booked rooms will be available from 2.00pm on the arrival day to 12.00pm on the departure day. If required, luggage can be kept before the check-in and after the check-out times.

Info and contacts

Accomodation by reservation
E - mail:

Servizi online login: 

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